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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s official website. MCAS Iwakuni is the only Marine Corps installation on mainland Japan.
Job Vacancy list for Americans : CHRO

Vacancies list in Iwakuni

When applying for positions, you must include the below questionnaire and the OF-306 with your application if you use the OF-612 or Resume.

Applications for Local Announcements received by fax, email, postage paid government envelopes or guard mail will not be accepted.

Click on the appropriate link:

As of Feb 27, 2015

(Click on the announcement number for more details)

Announcement Number Job Title and Grade Organization Closing Date
OKI0802-09-1334404P9048913 Engineering Technician, GS-0802-09 Facilities 03/02/2015
SW50808-12-1334067P9047904O Architect, GS-0808-12 Facilities 03/06/2015

Other links

Point of contact
Director 253-4256

JN Labor Section
Employment/Staffing Technician 253-4344
Administrative Specialist 253-5691 or 5097
Employee Management Relations Technician 253-6739
Classification & Wage Technician 253-6707
Industrial Relations Officer 253-6152
Personnel Clerk 253-4344

Training & USCS Employee Relations Section
HR Specialist (Labor and Employee Relations) 253-6834
Personnel Management Specialist 253-5692
Employee Development Officer 253-5694

USCS Staffing/Class & Wage Section
HR Assistant 253-6828
Personnel Staffing Specialist 253-6873 or 3455