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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan


Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

MCAS Iwakuni is a mission-ready air station, capable of providing continuous base-operating support for tenant organizations and follow-on U.S. and allied forces during training, combat or contingency (HA/DR) operations throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region.
MWSS-171 stacks reps during Commander’s Cup

By Lance Cpl. Jennifer J. Pirante | | February 24, 2011

The IronWorks Gym fitness and wellness coordinators had a surprise in mind for the Marines slated to compete in the second event of Commander’s Cup 2011.

Barbara Roman, Marine Corps Community Services health promotions fitness coordinator, had only one piece of advice for the Marines.

“Don’t bring you’re runners,” she said. Marine Wing Support Squadron 171 took first place home during the Strength and Endurance Commander’s Cup challenge at IronWorks Gym here Feb. 18.

MWSS-171 accumulated 1,364 repetitions.

Combat Logistics Company 36 took second place with an accumulated 1,280 repetitions.

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12 took third place with an accumulated 1,264 repetitions.

CLC-36, the Branch Health Clinic, MWSS-171, MALS-12, and Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron all competed in the event.

The challenge consisted of seven stations where each four-man team was given two minutes to push out as many repetitions as possible.

Total repetitions were based off of the percentage given for the different exercises.

Team members rotated throughout the stations with 30-second breaks in between, proceeded by each team member.

Repetitions were counted by volunteers at each station and tallied at the end of the event to determine the winners.

Marines had to perform surrenders, TRX atomic pushups, box jumps, kettle bell overhead crunches, bench leaps, wall ball throws and up/down planks.

“Each (exercise) was challenging in its own way,” said Roman. “The whole idea is just to pick the one you know you’re good at and rep it out during that exercise.”

According to Cpl. Darren Guggey, MWSS-171 competitor, the burn of each exercise could be felt as he made his way through each one of the stations.

“The wall ball throw was difficult overall because I was so tired,” said Guggey. “That ball is about 10 or 15 pounds, and going down all the way and going back up takes a lot out of you.”

According to Sgt. Zeb Martin, MWSS-171 competitor, their win was no surprise despite not knowing the exercises the coordinators had designated for the competition.

Martin was right alongside fellow Marines, cheering them on.

“You’re a beast!” Martin roared. “One more for Chesty Puller!”

Even though an endurance course is customary to the annual Commander’s Cup, 2011’s endurance challenge was meant to be especially challenging, said Roman.

“I just wanted to spice it up a bit and take it to that next level,” said Roman. “We certainly did that today.”

Roman and the rest of the MCCS team have a plan lined up for challenges during the rest of the year.

Some are slated to be announced while others are to be kept a mystery to the competitors.

The next Commander’s Cup challenge is slated to be a basketball shoot-out at IronWorks gym here March 18.