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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan


Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

MCAS Iwakuni is a mission-ready air station, capable of providing continuous base-operating support for tenant organizations and follow-on U.S. and allied forces during training, combat or contingency (HA/DR) operations throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region.
IYAOYAS game fizzles against G-SUPP

By Lance Cpl Charlie Clark | | April 21, 2011

G-SUPP crushed IYAOYAS 56-25 during a 2011 Intramural Basketball Season game at the IronWorks Gym sports courts here April 12.

Christopher Flores, IYAOYAS center, snatched the toss up from Kyle Strausbach, G-SUPP center.

G-SUPP rebounded after a brick shot by the IYAOYAS.

The ball went back and forth until Steve Navar, G-SUPP power forward, sank a shot from downtown to put the first three points on the board.

William A. Chatman, G-SUPP small forward, got fouled on a conversion and was two for two coming off the line putting the score 5-0.

Navar grabbed a rebound and assisted with the next two layups to give G-SUPP a ninepoint lead within the first six minutes of the game.

The G-SUPP defense didn’t back down with the early lead.

“Our focus in practice is defense, defense and more defense,” said Chatman. “We put pressure on the ball, get rebounds and run the ball down court for that basket.”

The G-SUPP defense pressured the IYAOYAS into a 13-0 deficit.

Anthony Friedrich, IYAOYAS point guard, determined not to get shut out, finally put the IYAOYAS on the board with a layup.

Possession changed hands for the next few minutes with both teams’ players giving it their all.

Larry Guerrero, IYAOYAS power forward, got a break for his team making the score 15- 4.

Chatman charged the court with a vengeance and sank another jump shot with five minutes left in the first half.

A few plays later, a foul shot added to the G-SUPP score.

“Offense is second nature,” said Rabosky Tanner, G-SUPP point guard. “The main thing to do is to get defensive baskets. Anyone can score on offense, but as long as you can stop their drive and get those defensive baskets you can’t lose.”

Guerrero sank another basket, keeping the IYAOYAS barely alive.

Antwain Burns, IYAOYAS forward guard, made a 3-pointer, setting the score at 23-9.

Navar sank another bucket from downtown at three minutes left in the first half.

Burns drove down court only to have Chatman snatch Burns missed shot. Chatman put two points on the board after Burns grabbed the net in an attempt to block Chatman’s shot. The referee called basket interference, putting the score at 28-11.

With 50 seconds left in the first half, Navar stole the ball and sunk another 3-pointer.

The IYAOYAS’ Flores was fouled but could only get one bucket at the free-throw line.

Strausbach ended the first half with a 3-pointer making the score 34-12.

The IYAOYAS had possession at the start of the second half. Burns sank a jump shot, but Navar came back with a 3-pointer.

Possession went back and forth until Chatman stole the ball and sank a basket setting the score at 39-14.

Guerrero shot a brick allowing the G-SUPP defense to capitalize on the rebound with a layup.

The IYAOYAS offense started to get more breaks, but G-SUPP never let up. At 10 minutes and 22 seconds, the score was 48-21 in favor of G-SUPP.

The next few minutes showcased free throws, layups and a 3-pointer by both teams’ offenses shooting the score to 54-25.

“They got a really good jump on us,” said Matthew Lowry, IYAOYAS head coach. “We tried to salvage a little bit of the game, but my guys were getting tired out there.”

With two minutes and two seconds left in the game, Navar sank the last layup.

The referee called the mercy rule into effect, and ended the game 56-25 in favor of G-SUPP.

The mercy rule ends a game when one team is winning by 30 or more points in under eight minutes left in the game.

“It was a pretty tough game,” said Burns. “The game didn’t work out for us this night. Hopefully, it will work out for our next game.”

The IYAOYAS and G-SUPP are slated to battle again Monday.