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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

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Samurai edged out in Far East championship

By Lance Cpl. Cayce Nevers | | May 26, 2011

The Matthew C. Perry High School girls soccer team competed against the Osan American High School girls soccer team in the Department of Defense Dependents Schools 2011 Division II Far East Girls Soccer Tournament championship game at the M.C. Perry soccer field here May 19.

The Far East Tournament is a two-day, double elimination tournament.

The M.C. Perry girls’ soccer team took second place in the tournament.

“The tournament went smooth,” said Sung H. Plourde, Osan’s head coach. “The weather was great and we all had a great time.”

With seven teams competing for one title, all teams were determined to win.

“I thought the tournament was awesome,” said Bre’Onna R. Ray, M.C. Perry girls soccer team captain and forward. “Everyone came out for one goal, to win, and everyone played their hardest.”

M.C. Perry competed against Edgren High School during the first day of the tournament. Perry devastated Edgren 6-0.

Following the match was Osan against Daegu American School.

The regulation game ended in a tie 1-1, leading them to overtime.

Neither team scored during overtime, causing the teams to perform penalty kicks. On the second set of penalty kicks, Osan won with the very last kick. The final score was 3-2.

M.C. Perry overwhelmed the Morrison Christian Academy players and won 4-0.

M.C. Perry beat Osan 1-0 during their first game.

“The team was outstanding,” said Rick T. Stanford, M.C. Perry head coach. “We came such a long way and exceeded all of our expectations.”

Osan and Morrison played each other to determine who went up against M.C. Perry for the championship. Osan beat Morrison 1-0.

“This has been such a big turnover from last year,” said Ray. “Last year we came in dead last. This year we made it to the championship.”

Osan started scoring early. Courtney Ouellette, Osan team captain and forward, dribbled her way toward the goal, swung her leg back and kicked the ball.

Ashlie Rasmussen, M.C. Perry goalkeeper, dove for the ball. It grazed her fingers and bounced off the netting. Osan had scored.

M.C. Perry, trying to get the ball back to score a goal, used every approved part of the body allowed in soccer. They head-butted the ball, kneed it, kicked it and stopped it with their bodies.

In the second half of the game, the ball went back and forth between the two teams.

Then Hilary Bliss, Osan midfielder, took the ball, dribbled it down the field and kicked it in. The team screamed and yelled and hugged each other as they brought the score to 2-0. The referees blew the whistle, the Osan girls cheered. M.C Perry had its first loss of the tournament.

With the championship so close the girls were amped and ready to play their final game of the tournament, season and for some, last game ever.

“Everyone stepped up their game and kept running,” said Lydia Kim, Osan team captain and midfielder. “Far East is where we became a real team and played as a real team.”

There was tension all around as the teams battled on the field for the title. Throughout the final game the score remained 0-0. Once the whistle blew M.C. Perry and Osan took the championship game to penalty kicks.

Hannah Wolf, Osan midfielder, scored the first goal. Samantha Herrit, M.C. Perry forward scored one. Ouellette scored next for Osan leaving the score 2-1. M.C. Perry was unable to respond with a score so Osan won the championship.

“Words can’t even describe how we feel because this is the third Far East tournament I have been in and it is the third tournament we won,” said Kim.

While Osan players rejoiced, M.C. Perry players, although upset, were happy to have made it so far.

“It’s always hard to lose a championship,” said Stanford. “But we lost to a better team.”

M.C. Perry players left the fields upset but with their heads held high.