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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan


Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

MCAS Iwakuni is a mission-ready air station, capable of providing continuous base-operating support for tenant organizations and follow-on U.S. and allied forces during training, combat or contingency (HA/DR) operations throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region.
Blue Falcons fly through MAG 13-12

By Lance Cpl. Charlie Clark | | October 20, 2011

The Blue Falcons beat MAG 13-12 during a 2011 intramural flag football season game at Penny Lake Fields here Oct. 12. MAG started the game with possession of the ball.

The MAG offense was able to get a first down but incomplete passes to Wilfredo Cieza, MAG wide receiver, and a quarterback sack by Jean C. Acosta, Blue Falcons’ defensive lineman, forced a turnover-on-downs.

Mikal J. Patterson, Blue Falcons’ quarterback, gained yardage by running the ball.

MAG defense fired back when Jaime G. Leyva, MAG defensive lineman, intercepted the ball.

Before the MAG offense could capitalize on the interception, Seth P. Stringham, Blue Falcons’ wide receiver and defensive lineman, intercepted a pass and ran the ball back into MAG territory.

Patterson could not deliver to his receivers, and a turnover occurred.

“We really came together and took control of the game in the beginning,” said Clayton R. Hullet, MAG wide receiver and corner back. The MAG offense stepped up its game and drove the ball into the end zone to gain the lead 6-0.

The Blue Falcons ran the ball down field in just two passes and two runs.

Patterson ran through the MAG defense to score a touchdown and tie the game 6-6.

“I saw an opening and just booked it to the end zone,” Patterson said.

During MAG’s return, Ronald Watts Jr., Blue Falcons’ corner back, intercepted the ball and ran it in for a touchdown, which pulled his team ahead 12-6.

Watts caught the ball for an extra point advancing the Blue Falcons’ lead 13-6.

“For our next game, we are going to work on our defense more,” Cieza said. “We need to handle threats deep in our territory better.”

MAG tried again to gain some yards but could not get past the Blue Falcons’ defensive linemen.

There was a turnover-on-downs, and it was the Blue Falcons’ chance to run down field.

MAG’s defense was able to stop the Blue Falcons’ offense in its tracks and forced a punt.

During the first return play, Mike Rodriguez, MAG quarterback, ran the ball deep into Blue Falcons terrain.

Derrius R. Beverly, MAG wide receiver, closed the half when he caught a pass and ran a touchdown to close the score gap 13-12. The Blue Falcons started the second half with possession of the ball.

The ball changed hands many times during the second half with neither team gaining the upper hand.

MAG ended the game trying to get the ball into the Blue Falcons’ territory but was unsuccessful.

The game ended with the Blue Falcons taking the win 13-12.

Both teams seemed to expose each other’s faults and where improvements are needed for future games.

“I really think Marines and sailors learn a lot about team work when we play intramural sports,” said Patterson. “Each game makes us that much better of a team.”

Both teams continue to their next games with more experience and practice under belts.