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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan


Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

MCAS Iwakuni is a mission-ready air station, capable of providing continuous base-operating support for tenant organizations and follow-on U.S. and allied forces during training, combat or contingency (HA/DR) operations throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region.
Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport Parking fees, starting Oct. 29, 2017

If you are flying out of the airport and plan to keep your vehicle parked there, you are eligible for the passenger parking discount. To redeem your discount, you must use your parking card in the machine past the security gate and hold onto it until you return.

The passenger parking discount prices are as follows:
* The first five days are free.
* After five days, it is 470 Yen every 24 hours.
If you are not eligible for the passenger parking discount the prices are as follows:
* The first hour is free.
* After one hour it is 100 Yen per hour up to five hours.
* After five hours it is 470 Yen per hour.

If you are eligible for the handicapped parking discount, all of the parking fees will be half price.

How to get to MCAS Iwakuni

If you use the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Patriot Express by USMC for inbound PCS movements to MCAS Iwakuni, your sponsors should be awaiting new arrival at the temporary Lodging Facility.

To get to MCAS Iwakuni from the U.S., you may use one of the below airports. Please click the link to the right under "Airport" which corresponds to the airport where you are going to land.

The map of Japan
How to send luggage

The delivery services at the airports

There are delivery services at the airports to send luggage to MCAS Iwakuni. Click the link to see where you can find the delivery service at each airport;

Narita Airport


Haneda Airport

Haneda website

Kansai International Airport


Hiroshima Airport


Fukuoka Airport


The address to send your luggage to

If you already know your housing address (Bldg. Numebr, Room Number), please fill in as follows (Do NOT use your PSC and BOX number);

  English      Japanese 
  Zip 740-0025     〒740-0025
  MCAS Iwakuni, Misumi-machi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture     山口県岩国市三角町米海兵隊岩国航空基地
  Building # **** (your building number)     建物番号 #****
  Room # **** (your room number)      部屋番号 #****  
  Phone: 0827-79-**** (the last 4-disit of DSN)     電話番号:0827-79-****
  Name: Print your name     名前: 

If you are plan to stay in the Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF), please use the below address:

  English      Japanese 
  Zip 740-0025     〒740-0025
  MCAS Iwakuni, Misumi-machi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture     山口県岩国市三角町米海兵隊岩国航空基地
  Building # 444, Monzen & Nishiki Lodges     建物番号 #444 (モンゼン&ニシキ・ロッジ)
  Room # **** (your room number)      部屋番号 #****
  Phone: 0827-79-3221     電話番号:0827-79-3221
  Name: Print your name     名前:

Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport official webpage

Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport is the commercial airport right next to MCAS Iwakuni, and have four commercial flights a day, run by All Nippon Airways (ANA) from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).

Haneda Airport official webpage

The free shuttle bus between the international terminal and domestic terminal is available. The flights to Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport are terminal 2.

Tokyo-Narita Airport official webpage

If you fly from U.S. to Narita, you go to Iwakuni either by ;

  1. Go to Haneda Airport, then fly to Iwakuni

    Taking shuttle bus is the simplest way to move from Narita International Airport to Tokyo International Airport, which has domestic flights to the Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport. It takes around 75 minutes (depending on the traffic condition) for the shuttle bus to transport between Narita and Haneda.

    The shuttle bus between Narita and Haneda
    The Narita Airport access navigation
  2. Fly to Hiroshima Airport, then move to MCAS Iwakuni

    If your order is to take the domestic flight from Narita to Hiroshima, move to the terminal 3 at Narita Airport to take the flight to Hiroshima Airport. Then take the shuttle bus to MCAS Iwakuni by MCCS, or take the bus and train to reach the Iwakuni train station

    The shuttle bus by MCCS
    How to get to Iwakuni Train Station by bus and train

Kansai International Airport official webpage

From Kansai Airport to MCAS Iwakuni, take the train from KIX to Shin Osaka station, then Shin Osaka to Shin Iwakuni Station (See the below document);

How to go to Iwakuni from Osaka

Hiroshima Airport official webpage

From Hiroshima Airport, you can take the MCCS shuttle bus directly go to MCAS Iwakuni, or you can take bus and train to go to Iwakuni Train Station;

How to get to Iwakuni Train Station by bus and train

Fukuoka Airport official webpage

From Fukuoka Airport, take the subway to Hakata Station, where has the Shinkansen, so-called Bullet Train, to Shin Iwakuni.

Requisite documents when entering Japan:

  • PCS Orders
  • Area Clearance/Dependant entry approval
  • Passports
  • I.D. Cards for each person
  • Immunization records
  • Naturalization paperwork, if applicable
  • Current driver's licenses or permits
  • Original birth certificates
  • Social Security cards

When traveling on a commercial airline to Hiroshima, Osaka or Fukuoka, you should contact your sponsor and obtain airport and Shinkansen (train) information for transportation to Iwakuni. Make sure to get several hundred dollars exchanged into yen for each traveler before leaving the U.S.

You should also purchase a global pre-paid phone card so you can contact the station in the event of an emergency or if you get lost. If you become lost and cannot reach your sponsor, contact the station's officer of the day. Please see Contact page.