Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan


Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s official website. MCAS Iwakuni is the only Marine Corps installation on mainland Japan.
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MCAS Iwakuni has an Administrative Weight Restriction.  Accompanied tour personnel are authorized to ship 75 percent of their full Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) weight allowance. Due to the generally smaller size of off-base housing and government quarters available, large furniture and outdoor items such as oversized couches/sofas and king size bed sets should be placed in Non-temporary Storage. An unaccompanied baggage shipment is authorized not to exceed 600 pounds for active duty members and 200 pounds each family member, not to exceed 2,000 pounds total. Weight is counted against the administrative weight restriction.

All Unaccompanied tour personnel (Dependent Restricted) of any service are authorized to ship no more than 10 percent of the Full JFTR Weight allowance, only if off base quarters are authorized by command. Be advised mostly all Unaccompanied tour personnel are assigned to the barracks and off base quarters are limited. Only unaccompanied baggage shipments are highly encouraged for unaccompanied tour personnel.

At some time during delivery of your personal property, an inspector representing the destination transportation office may visit your residence to check on your delivery. If you have any questions or problems, please inform the inspector or contact the transportation office.

Regardless of how well a carrier may pack your personal property, there is a chance something may be lost or damaged. If this happens, you have the right to file a claim against the carrier and/or the U.S. Government.

If you discover loss and/or damage after delivery, you are required to list it on the DD FORM 1840R, "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery." This form also serves as a notice to the carrier of loss or damage and a receipt of delivery. If you do not list missing inventory line items or obvious damage on this form at delivery, you may forfeit your chance of getting paid for this loss/damage.

If you discover additional damage or loss after delivery, you must list it on the DD FORM 1840R, "Notice of Loss or Damage" (the reverse side of DD FORM 1840R). The completed DD FORM 1840R, must be delivered to your local claims office no later than 70 days from date of delivery. Failure to deliver the completed form within 70 days or to list all items will result in a lesser amount payable on your claim.

Remember: The carrier has the right to inspect and offer to repair damaged articles. Do not throw anything away unless instructed to do so. It is important you not sign any delivery document (the inventory, DD FORM 619 or DD FORM 1840R) until the carrier's representative has completed all required services. However, do not refuse to sign these documents before the carrier's representative leaves if you have noted loss or damage on the DD FORM 1840R. At any time during delivery and unpacking you think you are not receiving the quality of move the government is paying for, call the destination transportation office. Do not sign any documents unless understand what you are signing and don't allow the carrier's representative leave until you are sure all property has been packed/picked-up or delivered/accounted for.

The unit commander is the only one who can grant funded emergency leave. PTO does not determine whether or not a member is entitled to emergency leave. The member/dependent(s) is authorized the price of a round trip ticket to the CONUS international airport nearest to the location from which the member/dependent(s) departed to which a scheduled direct flight is available along a normally traveled international route. Those stationed in Iwakuni it will be Seattle, WA.

Utilizing the DTS module, all TAD (Temporary Additional Duty) orders are received from the various Units electronically. DMO reviews DTS reservation from CTO constantly each day.

Upon receipt of orders an audit is performed of data submitted, ensuring orders are prepared correctly. This includes correct line of accounting, departure cities, and destinations visiting if authorized on DTS orders, SDN (standard document number), destination, departure point, and carrier selection. Units reservations in DTS system will route through CTO for verification of government authorized carrier and GSA city pairs. DMO will then reviews and submit or return for correction. Verification of airfares and carrier selection is mandatory and final review is the AO.

Family members who are command sponsored are entitled to transportation to the member's next duty station once reassignment orders are received.

Transportation is provided for family members to the member's HOR if the member is departing Iwakuni and separating from the service.

Transportation is provided for family members to the member's HOR or HOS if the member is departing Iwakuni and retiring or involuntary separating after eight years of service.

Members serving on an accompanied tour are authorized pet transportation as set forth in the Air Mobility Command Instruction (AMCI) 24-101, Volume 14. Transportation is restricted to two (2) pets per family (limited to cats and dogs only). Due to the limited pet space on all AMC aircraft, timely submission of pet requests cannot be overemphasized.

Personnel who desire to ship pets from Iwakuni must have the request for pet shipment annotated in his/her port call request. PTO will make every effort to get reservations on AMC aircraft but owners must understand that they are responsible for all cost associated with shipping the animals in include paying commercial shipping rates if AMC is not available.
Phone Directory
Front Desk
DSN: 253-4076
Commercial number from Japan: 0827-79-4076
Commercial number from U.S.: 011-81-827-79-4076
Passenger Travel Office
DSN: 253-6366
Cell: 080-5865-3564
Commercial number from Japan: 0827-79-6366
Commercial number from U.S.: 011-81-827-79-6366
Personal Property Shipping Office
DSN: 253-4439
Commercial number from Japan: 0827-79-4439
Commercial number from U.S.: 011-81-827-79-4439