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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s official website. MCAS Iwakuni is the only Marine Corps installation on the mainland of Japan.
Denim Day Marine Corps way

By Cpl. Brian A. Stevens | Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni | April 04, 2014


Service members aboard Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, dressed in an unusual uniform to conduct work April 4, 2014.

Service members wore jeans in support of Denim Day, a day to raise awareness about sexual assault.

According to, Denim Day is based off a story about an 18-year old girl in Italy.

The young woman was taking a driver’s education course. On her first day of driving, her instructor picked her up and then took her to a secluded road and raped her.

The instructor threatened to kill her if she told anyone, but she informed her parents later that night.

The instructor, who was convicted of rape, appealed the case which made it all the way to the Italian Supreme Court.

The court overruled the decision and the perpetrator was set free. A statement by the chief judge argued that the victim wore tight jeans and she would have had to help him take them off, therefore giving consent.

When women in the Italian Parliament learned of the verdict, they wore jeans to work in protest.

The word spread to America, where the California Senate and Assembly joined the Italian Parliament in wearing jeans to work.

“The reason we chose to participate in Denim Day this year is because we wanted to get away from all the training,” said Sharon E. Adams, Marine Corps Community Services sexual abuse response coordinator.

Adams went on to say the goal of Denim Day is to spread the word about sexual assault and inform people about what consent actually is.   

“I was walking around base this morning and I saw so many people who were wearing denim and were excited,” said Adams.

Adams said that Denim Day is likely to take place again next year because of all the positive feedback she is receiving.

“It shows that we, as a station, are actually taking a stand and doing something, instead of just listening to annual training,” said Pfc. Natasha D. Wilson, station Installation Personnel Administration Center administration clerk and participant in Denim Day.

People interested in more information about sexual assault can contact Sharon Adams at 080-5865-3566.      

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