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AMC Passenger Terminal
Only Marine Operated AMC Terminal in the World

 *** Flight Information *** 

PET TRAVEL ADVISORY Extreme temperatures place your pet at additional risk and air transportation is not recommended when temperatures exceed 85F or below 20F.
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Front Desk DSN From Local Cell0827-79-5507/5509 (Use this number for Passenger/Space-A service-related questions)

To better assist with Space-A sign-up questions, we have taken the time to compile a packet explaining eligibility criteria. Please see the packet linked below. 

***Iwakuni Space-A Packet***

Once you have chosen the correct paperwork for sign-up, please submit forms to the terminal for verification so that we may proceed with placing you on our Iwakuni Space-A registry.

Please note that any changes to the verbiage of these documents could result in the forms being kicked back to the member. 

***Active-Duty Military and Federal Civilians must be on leave status to sign-up for Space-A***

Click Space-A Register to sign up electronically.

***If signing up electronically, please call or email the terminal directly to verify you have been signed up***



1. The AMC Pet Pamphlet has been updated as of October 20th, 2023. Please ensure that your pet's kennels and carriers follow the guidance of the AMC Pet Pamphlet, as required. Please refer to the Pet Travel Information webpage under Quick Links for more information on traveling with pets.

2. Travelers planning to perform unofficial (personal) travel during or in conjunction with their official overseas assignments, should obtain a Tourist Passport. The Official Passport, also known as the "No-Fee Passport," is not authorized for leisure travel as stated in Section I.A of the US Foreign Clearance Guide. You MUST have a Tourist Passport to take a Space-A flight.

3. Expired passports or IDs will not be accepted. If your credentials will be expiring soon, it is the passenger's responsibility to renew it within a reasonable timeframe. Failure to adhere to this will result in being denied travel.

4. Parking is available across the street in the parking garage. The ground floor is for short-term parking while the upper floors are for long-term parking.


*Early baggage check-in for booked passengers boarding the Patriot Express are posted on the 72HR flight schedule*




A. 2 Copies of orders (PCS, ERD, EAS, FEML, TDY etc.)
B. Military ID for anyone who is 14 years or older.
C. Passport for dependents
D. We are unable to accept pets during the early check-in process.  However, on the day of the flight during normal check-in, the pet must be in kennel before entering the terminal, and required documents are needed. (Health Certificate, shot records, etc.) 


Please come prepared with cash (USD only) as there is no ATM on site. Prices for Excess Baggage/Pets are $125.00 Each Space-A Head Tax / Fed Insp Fee: $40.03.


For more information about pet fees please visit our pet travel link down below.

This message will only update if there are changes or updates to provide.



Our Space Available 72-Hour schedule Is updated daily.

Welcome to the MCAS Iwakuni Passenger Terminal

Our flights primarily serve bases in Japan and West Coast United States (Seattle-Tacoma, Washington only).


Welcome to the MCAS Iwakuni Passenger Terminal, " The Only Marine Operated AMC
Terminal in the World". We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to
all our patrons and visitors.

Space Available seats are often limited; therefore, passenger planning and flexibility is key to Space Available travel out of MCAS Iwakuni.

On behalf of the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and Air Mobility Command (AMC), we wish you an enjoyable travel experience and look forward to assisting you in future travels. Please let us know if you've any questions or concerns during your visit to the MCAS Iwakuni Passenger Terminal.


For all AMC passenger's doors will open NO EARLIER THAN (NET) 6 hours prior to departure.  Standard show time and roll call for Space-R passengers is no later than (NLT) two hours and 20 minutes prior to aircraft scheduled departure. For pre-manifested/booked passengers through the local Transportation Office (D/TMO/NAVPTO) on AMCs Saturday Patriot Express, check-in is available six hours prior to estimated departure, but these passengers may participate in early baggage check-in the evening prior from 1400-1600.

Unaccompanied Minor Travel
IAW DoDI 4515.13 Minors between the ages of 10 and 18 years old as of the date of travel will be accepted for unaccompanied Space-Required travel on Air Mobility Command Patriot Express missions performed by DoD chartered aircraft.  The minor must be accompanied to the AMC terminal or gateway by a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult who will remain with the child until departure and provide evidence that the child will be met at the airport of arrival by a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult. Minors under the age of 10 are not permitted to travel unaccompanied.

The AMC Form 1004, Unaccompanied Minor Passenger, must be completed prior to travel.

Space-Available travel is not authorized for Unaccompanied Minors (17yrs and under).


***Iwakuni Space-A Packet***

*Military Personnel MUST be on either leave or pass/special liberty status to sign-up for Space-A*

*Eligible US Civilian Employees must be on leave status to sign-up for Space-A*

Space-A roll call standard is no earlier than (NET) two hours and 20 minutes prior to aircraft scheduled departure. We once again wish to convey that Space Available seats are often limited therefore, it is highly recommended to be flexible with any travel scheduling. Also, please note that signing up for Space-A is not the same as reserving a seat. Space-A is a competitive program that prioritizes categories and sign-up time to allow for fair distribution of allotted seats leftover once mission requirements have been met. 

Passengers are reminded that baggage limitations are:

  • Two bags per individual (No excess baggage allowed other than wheelchair, car seat or stroller)

  • Limited to 70 pounds each

  • Not to exceed the dimensions of 62 linear inches (length + width + height)

Passengers may have one carry-on bag and one personal item, that must fit under the aircraft seat.

We are committed to providing you the best possible service. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Pet Check-iN

*Please be aware that pets are not allowed to travel via the Space-A program. 

Pet check-in for the patriot express flights will be conducted the day of travel. Passengers are advised to read the AMC Pet brochure and Risk Acknowledgement listed below. While awaiting boarding all pets must remain in their kennel while in public or terminal area. Passengers are advised to have their pet's leash to be able to take them outside for relief. As a caution extreme temperatures place your pet at risk. Pet transportation is not recommended when temperatures exceed 85 F or below 20 F. As a courtesy MCAS Iwakuni Passenger Terminal has an indoor climate-controlled area for pets while awaiting boarding. If passengers have any questions, please feel free to contact the Passenger terminal.




A recent memo outlines new guidance on Service Animals and Service Animal Handler Responsibilities. No later than 48 hours in advance of the date and time of departure, the service animal handler must provide the departing DoD passenger terminal with a signed Statement of Assurance linked below. Service animal handlers may be required to pay a pet fee and transport service animals in a pet carrier or pay for damage if their service animals that do not follow travel requirements. 



Passenger Terminal Amenities

Currently the MCAS Iwakuni AMC Passenger Terminal has been established since 2011. The passenger terminal amenities currently offered are on the main floor of the building, vending machines (Please note that our vending machines are currently limited due to a swap out and we only have drink machines for the time being), DV Lounge and free WI-FI. Second floor offers Kids Play Area, Business Lounge, Movie, Game Rooms and Free WI-FI provided by the USO. Parking is available across the street in the parking garage. The ground floor is for short-term parking while the upper floors are for long-term parking.



As per the Foreign Clearance Guide (FGC) for Japan Section 2.4.H: Customs, immigration and quarantine facilities are available at MCAS Iwakuni only for SOFA personnel during daylight hours and only with advance notice at other times. Non-SOFA personnel (retired military personnel, Japanese passport holders, diplomatic passport holders, DOD civilians not stationed in Japan, and dependents not stationed in Japan) cannot enter Japan through MCAS Iwakuni unless they are part of a SAM mission with prior USDAO Tokyo coordination. Non-SOFA members need to enter the country through an authorized port of entry that does entry stamps for them (i.e. Haneda International Airport, Yokota Air Base if entering on the Patriot Express, Kadena Air Base, or any such other air terminal listed within the FCG Japan Section 2.4). 



Contact Information

MCAS Iwakuni Passenger Terminal


24 Hour Flight Recording

Currently Unavailable 

Service Counter

Comm From CONUS: 

Comm w/in JAPAN: 0827-79-5509/5507/5262
DSN: 253-5509/5507/5262 

Email Space-A:

Hours of Operations:

Mon: 0730-1630L

Tue-Fri: 0630-1630L

Sat: 0730-1400L

***Prior Coordination Is Required For Sunday/Federal Holidays/Evening Arrivals/Departures/Group Travel***

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