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Staff Judge Advocate
Staff Judge Advocate at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan


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There are a number of legal offices at MCAS Iwakuni. Most of these offices are co-located in Building 608 with the Provost Marshal's Office, and include the Staff Judge Advocate and a Legal Services Support Team (LSST). In general, the Staff Judge Advocate provides advice to the commanding officer regarding ethics, military justice, and installation legal matters involving foreign jurisdiction, on-base businesses, and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The LSST primarily provides legal assistance services to individuals regarding estate planning, family law, powers-of-attorney, consumer law issues, passports, immigration, and other types of civil law matters. There is also a Victims' Legal Counsel located in Building 608 who provides representation to victims of various crimes. A Pacific Area Counsel is currently located in Building 360.


Command Legal Advice:  The Staff Judge Advocate provides timely and accurate advice to the command on military justice, ethics, foreign jurisdiction, and installation legal matters. For assistance, call DSN 253-5593.

Foreign Jurisdiction:  This section of the SJA coordinates and processes all Japanese jurisdiction cases involving Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) members that come under the cognizance of MCAS Iwakuni. In this capacity, this section coordinates with Japanese attorneys, police, and provides counsel to SOFA members and arranges condolence visits in order to properly resolve all criminal and civil issues implicating Japanese law. The Japanese Jurisdiction Office’s Claims Section processes foreign claims, military claims, personal claims, hospital recovery claims, and government claims. All compensation requests are processed in coordination with Japanese and U.S. agencies and governing law. For more information, call DSN 253-5593 / 7226 or send an email to .

Installation Law:  This section of the SJA provides legal advice to the commanding officer and his staff regarding any foreign legal issue impacting MCAS Iwakuni. Installation law also includes guidance to individuals concerning the policies and regulations of MCAS Iwakuni. Common issues that the Installation Law Section addresses are: Ethics for Federal employees, FOIA and the Privacy Act, on-base commercial activities, private organizations, community relations activities, fundraisers and jurisdictional issues. Individuals seeking to start an on-base business, a private organization, or conduct a fundraiser should contact the Installation Law Section. For more information, call DSN 253-5593.

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