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Food Service
Mess hall information from Food Service at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

Food Service


The Food Service Division's mission is to provide all military personnel aboard MCAS Iwakuni with well-balanced nutritionally-sound meals and to manage personnel, facilities and resources required to operate an effective Food Service program. In addition, our program offers the Food Service MOS with a collaborative well-rounded experienced mature platform, structured to enhance the overall skillset that fosters the development of our military Food Service members in order to promote versatility, progression and valued core competencies for unit support. Marines, Sailors and Master Labor Contractors with a Food Service occupation utilize our program to increase core competencies and pedigree within Food Service.

Mess Halls:

There are currently three mess halls aboard MCAS Iwakuni which are R. G. Robinson Mess Hall, the Flight Line Mess Hall and the North Side Mess Hall. Our mess halls operate under a 28 day menu cycle offering a variety of meals, main line items, specialty bar, and snack line (take out option) to include a deli bar. We also support tenant commands with their logistical requirements for family days, field meets, recreational meals and military appreciation. We look forward to your patronage and welcome any comments and ideas to help improve our services and processes!

Hours of Operation for Mess Halls


R.G. Robinson (South Side)
Bldg 222
Monday - Friday

  Breakfast   0530-0730
  Breakfast Fast Food   0530-0830
  Lunch   1100-1300
  Dinner   1600-1800
  Closed Weekends and Holidays


Flight Line
Bldg 6222
Monday - Friday

  Breakfast   0530-0730
  Breakfast Fast Food   0530-0830
  Lunch   1100-1300
  Monday - Thursday
  Scheduled Holiday may impact change.
* MIDRATS   2230 - 0030

  Closed Weekends and Holidays
  * Open Sunday - Thursday


North Side
Bldg 1562
7 Days a Week

  Breakfast   0530-0730
  Breakfast Fast Food   0530-0830
  Lunch   1100-1300
  Dinner   1600-1800
Weekends & Holidays
  Breakfast Brunch   0900-1200
  Sandwich Bar   1200-1500
  Dinner   1500-1700

Food Service Division's Menu

Contact Information

Food Service Office:
Fax: 253-4672
R. G. Robinson:
Fax: 253-4672
Flight Line:
Fax:  253-4672
North Side:
Food Service Mail Box

How to call to MCAS Iwakuni

DSN    253 - ****
Commercial number from Japan  0827-79- ****
Commercial number from U.S.  011-81-827-79- ****
DSN    255 - ****
Commercial number from Japan  0827-94- ****
Commercial number from U.S.  011-81-827-94- ****
Cell phone number    080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from Japan 080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-80- **** - ****
Cell phone number    090 - **** - ****  
Commercial number from Japan 090 - **** - **** 
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-90- **** - ****