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Contracting Office
Contracting Office at Logistics, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

業者の方への情報 / Contractors Information

入札案件 / Business Opportunities

発注予定案件(クリックすると閲覧できます。)Click here for solicitation.

Subjects Solicitation No. Document Attachment Due Date


A. 登録の手順(岩国米軍基地契約課と取引を開始するための手順) / Registration procedure

B. ダンズナンバー取得について / How to obtain your D-U-N-S Number Jul 2015

C. サンプル / Sample Request Form Jul 2015 Sample

D. DUNS Request Form English

E. リクエストフォーム / Request Form Jul 2015

F. NCAGE Code Request Screen

G. NCAGEコード取得・更新について / Renew NCAGE CODE

H. Beta SAMの登録

I. SAM新規登録 / New registration 

J. SAM入力時の注意事項 / Precautions

K. Notarized Letterについて / About Notarized letter

L. 物件の閲覧方法 / Find bid

M. WAWF の 登録方法 / WAWF registration 

N. 請求書の作成方法 / How to make invoice

O. リコールの仕方 / How to recall

P. 英文のやり取りについて / English exchange

Q. FAR 29.204 Federal Excise Taxes - IRS Form W-14 

PR Builder
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP)
GSA - Federal Supply Service
GSA - Advantage!
SIC Codes
Naval Regional Contracting Center (NICC) Singapore
Naval Electronic Commerce Online (NECO)
System For Award Management ( SAM )

Director of the Contracting Office:

Deputy Director:

Japanese Team Leader:

GCPC (Credit Card Section):

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