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PCS to Iwakuni
PCS to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni under COVID-19 circumstances

PCS to Iwakuni

If you are about to PCS to Iwakuni, or are sponsoring someone that is PCS’ing, congratulations! Before you do so, there are several things you must do.

PCS is always difficult, but we have lined out the step-by-step process for PCS that you need to follow to ensure a smooth PCS process. Start with the tab below that reflects your status (unaccompanied, accompanied, civilian, sponsor).

  • Unaccompanied service members button
  • Accompanied service members button
  • Civilian employees button
  • Sponsors button

General Information

  • Housing button
  • DMO button
  • Driving button
  • Phone Directory button
  • Pets button
  • About Iwakuni button