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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s official website. MCAS Iwakuni is the only Marine Corps installation on the mainland of Japan.
October 22, 2013

Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey aircraft will be participating in Tomodachi Rescue Exercise (TREX), the bilateral HADR exercise in Kochi Prefecture on Friday, Oct. 25.

The deployment of MV-22B Osprey squadrons to Japan and Okinawa equates to a heightened capability, in terms of security and humanitarian assistance for the entire Asia-Pacific region. The Marine Corps expeditionary capabilities, combined with our forward-basing and ability to rapidly deploy, have been crucial to our ability to respond to crises in the region.

In response to overwhelming interest from the Japanese media, MCAS Iwakuni Public Affairs Office takes pleasure in opening to the media two opportunities for coverage of the MV-22B, with (1) an interview opportunity with squadron members in front of a static display of tilt-rotor aircraft prior to TREX on Thursday and (2) a filming-only opportunity when Japanese self-defense force supplies are loaded onto the Ospreys aboard Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni on Friday morning just prior to the commencement of the exercise.

Interested media are strongly advised to contact Iwakuni PAO at 0827-79-5551 by not later than noon on Wednesday, Oct. 23.  The exact times and meeting locations for these media opportunities will be provided, to those who sign-up to attend, hours in advance of the event.

For answers to additional questions, and/or for more information, please call us at 0827-79-4641.

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni Public Affairs Office
Misumi-cho, Iwakuni City
Yamaguchi Pref., Japan
PSC 561 BOX 1868

Phone: 0827-79-5551 FAX:0827-79-5554
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