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Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s official website. MCAS Iwakuni is the only Marine Corps installation on the mainland of Japan.
Press opportunity for MAG-12 and MALS-12 move aboard MCAS Iwakuni
February 12, 2014

Movements are underway aboard Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni as the new facilities are turned over to U.S. military in light of the U.S.-Japan Joint Committee Agreement dated Jan. 23, 2014.  This is part of the Defense Policy Review Initiative which provides strategic guidance and direction for the planning and execution of military construction across the Pacific Region.

In response to Japanese media interest, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni Public Affairs Office will host a press opportunity to film a couple of images to include the relocation of offices, equipment and supplies to the new facilities recently completed for MAG-12 and MALS-12 based at Iwakuni.

News media desiring to attend this opportunity are asked to contact us at 0827-79-5551 by not later than noon on Thursday, Feb. 13, for escort.

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni Public Affairs Office
Misumi-cho, Iwakuni City
Yamaguchi Pref., Japan
PSC 561 BOX 1868

Phone: 0827-79-5551 FAX:0827-79-5554
iwakuni.pao digat usmc-digdot-mil