What CHRO Does : CHRO

What CHRO Does : CHRO

The Civilian Human Resources Office has primary staff responsibility for planning, developing, and implementing policies, programs, standards, and systems for effective acquisition, utilization, development, and management of human resources to accomplish the overall mission of Marine Corps Air Station-Iwakuni; for evaluating effectiveness of the Station's Human Capital management program; and for the analysis of position structures. The Office has responsibility for Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR), and CHRO-HQMC directives and is the liaison with these organizations and other agencies concerning human resources management. The Office interprets laws, executive orders, rules and regulations, and provides technical and professional assistance, advice and guidance to the Commanding Officer and Station Departments.


Employment Branch (Staffing and Classification)

The Branch has primary responsibility for recruitment, placement, merit promotion (competitive actions, non-competitive actions, areas of consideration, certification), employment policy, staff planning, qualification standards, medical qualification standards, testing, Outstanding Scholar appointments, buyouts, furloughs, variation requests, Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program, Reduction-in-Force and Veterans programs. The Branch has primary responsibility for position classification, position management, classification standards programs, consistency reviews, adjudication of classification appeals, pay, and compensation programs. The Employment Branch collaborates with the Installation Performance, Learning and Alignment Team (IPLAT) by analyzing and reviewing position structures throughout the station and recommending appropriate action; designing position structures and requirements to achieve maximum cost effectiveness and contribution to program goals; provide advice and assistance to leadership in those program areas; and administering the classification appeals program for the station. Review proposed organizational revisions and makes recommendations regarding position management and other Human Capital implications. Provide classification advice and assistance to the station and generally oversee the effectiveness of the classification program throughout the station. Compensation and Pay aspects include merit and premium pay, hourly wage rates, General Schedule pay setting, special rates, FEPCA, FLSA, pay determinations, pay appeals, backpay, and wage surveys. The Branch has primary responsibility for the policy on training; upward mobility; supervisory, manager, and executive development systems; assessment systems; mobility programs. The Branch also establishes policies in all areas of career management including, orientation and acculturation programs, succession planning, technical and skills training, mentoring programs, management and leadership training, supervisory training, and career development programs (career entry and developmental, mid-level intake and developmental, career broadening, and leadership potential preparation).


Labor/Employee Relations Branch

The Branch has responsibility for the station employee relations, benefits, absence and leave, awards programs (length of service, incentive awards, functional awards), drug testing, violence in the workplace, family-friendly and personnel-related quality of work-life/productivity activities. Among the employee relations areas handled are performance management (appraisals and standards), grievances, adverse actions, disciplinary actions, dispute resolution, and appeals. The staff provides guidance on a variety of issues, e.g., alternative work schedules, trial and probationary periods, and benefits (retirement, health and life insurance, social security, Thrift Savings Plan, eBiz and myPay, injury and unemployment compensation. Awards activity concentrates on the Station's performance awards and prestigious awards of external organizations. Administration of the above programs is accomplished through analysis of legislative and regulatory proposals, development of Station policies and procedures, advice and assistance on unusually complex cases, periodic studies and evaluation efforts. The Branch has primary responsibility for Station-wide management advisory services and application of policy concerning labor-management relations under Title 5, united States Code (USC), Chapter 71. The Branch establishes long and short-range objectives, develops strategies, projects, and plans for a systematic approach to labor-management relations on a Station-wide basis. These responsibilities include such areas as: policy issuances; guidance and direction; representational matters; unfair labor practices; grievances; arbitrations; contract administration; negotiations; impasse proceedings; consultations with unions; labor agreement approval; training in labor relations; and contingency planning for work stoppages. The Branch maintains liaison with the Host Nation Office, to ensure coordinated Station-wide approaches on Government of Japan-wide efforts, and ensures appropriate internal coordination within Marine Corps Bases-Japan. Exercises leadership in evaluating the labor relations programs with Host Nation labor organizations and has primary responsibility for maintaining relations with Headquarters, Marine Corps Bases Japan. Coordinates with the Pacific Area Counsel Office (PACO) in third-party activity for cases before the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), the Federal Service Impasse Panel (FSIP), the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and other Third-party administrative forums where necessary. Reviews negotiated agreements and recommends approval or disapproval to the Director, Civilian Human Resources Office.


Contact Information

US Labor Section: 253-5691
JN Labor Section: 253-6261

How to call to MCAS Iwakuni

DSN    253 - ****
Commercial number from Japan  0827-79- ****
Commercial number from U.S.  011-81-827-79- ****
Cell phone number    080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from Japan 080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-80- **** - ****
Cell phone number    090 - **** - ****  
Commercial number from Japan 090 - **** - **** 
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-90- **** - ****