Mailing Restrictions : Postal Information

Mailing Restrictions : Postal Information

The following restrictions apply specifically to all personal mail destined for MCAS Iwakuni:

  1. Appropriate U.S. Customs Form is required on all personal mail.
  2. Fruits, animals, living plants, and soil are prohibited.
  3. All meat products must remain in their original, hermetically sealed packages and bear official USDA certification.
  4. Obscene material (including drawings, films, photographs, and carvings) is prohibited.
  5. No more than one carton of cigarettes per parcel are allowed to be mailed.
  6. Wool samples, skin, hair, feathers, bones, and animal horns are prohibited.
  7. Mailing alcohol is prohibited.

Important Note:
It's very important that you notify all your friends, family members, and other correspondents of these mailing restrictions, too. Incoming mail is routinely screened by Japanese Customs Agents and is subject to being opened, searched, and seized if it is suspected of containing any restricted or prohibited material. Additionally, the mailer and/or the addressee may also be subject to prosecution under American or Japanese customs and import/export laws

Non-Mailable Matter
Non-mailable matter includes all matter, which is by U.S. law, regulation, or treaty stipulation, prohibited from being sent in the mail or which cannot be forwarded to its destination because of illegible, incorrect, or insufficient addressing. Matter is also non-mailable when it fails to comply with Postal regulations regarding size, weight, rates of postage, and/or proper preparation for mailing.
Matter which may not be sent through the mail includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Intoxicating liquors.
  2. Habit forming drugs and those drugs, possession of which, has been declared to be illegal by law.
  3. Any articles, compositions, or materials, which may kill or injure another, or damage the mail or other property.
  4. Ammunition and explosives of all types.
  5. Obscene and indecent matter. Any pornography or pornographic material is prohibited.
  6. Lotteries, frauds, and libelous matter.
  7. Publications, which violate copyrights granted by the United States.
  8. Perishable matter, switchblade knives, and concealable firearms (except under special rules, conditions, and restrictions).
  9. U.S. Government property intended for personal use, except for those items that have been sold through authorized agencies of the U.S. Government and are accompanied by sales and/or purchase receipts.
  10. Any letters, publications, or other items containing any matter advocating or urging treason, insurrection, or forcible resistance to any law of the United States; or any letter, publication, or other matter containing any threat to take the life of, or inflict bodily harm upon, the President of the United States.

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