How to obtain a mailbox : Postal Information

How to obtain a mailbox : Postal Information

Eligible personnel

  • All personnel on accompanied tours (regardless of parent unit)
  • All Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees
  • All personnel assigned to the Branch Health Clinic and Dental Clinic
  • Unaccompanied personnel assigned to H&HS, CLC-36, MAG-12, VMFA (AW)-242, VMFA-121, VMGR-152, MALS-12, MACS-4 Det B and MWSS-171. Note: Unaccompanied personnel attached to the following Navy Squadrons will not be assigned a personal mail box and will receive their mail through their unit mail room: CVW-5, VFA-27, VFA-102, VFA-115, VFA-195, VAQ-141, VAW-125 and VRC-30 Det 5.

Procedures to obtain a mailbox

Population growth at MCAS Iwakuni has required a careful consideration of mailbox assignment in order to prevent the lack of receptacles available to authorized patrons.

  • Mailboxes will be assigned based on the patron’s housing assignment after arrival to the air station. Should the need arise, incoming patrons may use the following address prior to being assigned a permanent mailbox upon arrival to MCAS Iwakuni:
    First & Last Name
    PSC 561 General Delivery
    FPO AP 96310

    Note: Please email to with your name and estimated date of arrival if you will be utilizing the general delivery address. Please do not overburden the postal system to compensate for sending household goods. Utilize available DMO (Distribution Management Office) for shipping household goods.

  • After receiving your housing assignment, please bring the following three documents to the post office (Building 610) in order to be assigned a mail box:
    1. Orders
    2. Area Clearance
    3. Housing assignment memorandum from housing (this determines which of the two post office locations your mail box will be assigned)
  • Unaccompanied personnel eligible to receive a mail box will be assigned a box based on billeting location.

Important Note
Personal mail boxes are to be used exclusively for the receipt of personal mail for you and/or your family. Per currently existing postal regulations, they may not be used to receive mail pertaining to home businesses or similar profit making ventures; nor can they be used by any person other than the assigned box holder and their command sponsored family members.

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Contact Information

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How to call to MCAS Iwakuni

DSN    253 - ****
Commercial number from Japan  0827-79- ****
Commercial number from U.S.  011-81-827-79- ****
Cell phone number    080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from Japan 080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-80- **** - ****
Cell phone number    090 - **** - ****  
Commercial number from Japan 090 - **** - **** 
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-90- **** - ****

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