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Kids Activity
Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Kids Activity Survival Kit

You may have to leave your house during a disaster and may sleep somewhere else for a while. It is smart to put together your own Kid’s Activity Survival Kit so you will have things to do and share with other kids. These can all be stored in a backpack or duffel bag. Just make sure you can carry it easily.

Some suggested items for the kids activity survival kit:

  • A few of your favorite books
  • Non-toxic marking pens, crayons, pencils, and plenty of paper
  • Scissors and glue
  • Manipulative toys such as LEGOS
  • 2 favorite small toys, at least 1 doll and 1 action figure
  • 1 or 2 board games, table puzzles
  • Favorite stuffed animal or puppet
  • Small play vehicles such as an ambulance, fire truck, helicopter, dump truck, police car, tractor with blade
  • Small people figures to use with the trucks and emergency vehicles
  • Favorite blanket and/or pillow
  • Picture of the family, including pets, write names on the back
  • "Keep safe" box with a few treasures of little things your child feels are special
Note to Parents

During evacuation, the MCCS will provide, to the maximum extent possible, child care personnel at each embarkation point to assist parents with supervision of their children.

Parents need to make sure to have at least three phone numbers of nearest kin in the United States. This information should be given and kept on file with the school and CDC.

Parents should train their children to know the full name of the parents and the rest of the family members in the States.

An “In Loco Parentis” special power of attorney is mandatory for all single and dual military/civilian employee families on base. This designates a person to escort the minor back to the US and appoints someone as their legal guardian when they arrive. THIS IS A CRITICAL ITEM AND IS RECOMMENDED FOR ALL FAMILIES AND IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF ANY FAMILY PLAN. Base SJA can evaluate your specific needs and formulate the proper legal documents for you to use. DO NOT WAIT TO TAKE CARE OF THIS. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THIS DONE NOW, MAKE IT HAPPEN ASAP.