VMR Iwakuni Information : H&HS

VMR Iwakuni Information

The primary mission of VMR Iwakuni Flight Support is to provide the time-sensitive air transport of priority passengers and cargo within the Western Pacific theater of operations. This is being accomplished through utilization of safe and efficient operational aircraft, and cost-effective training programs designed to maintain proficiency of VMR Iwakuni aircrews.

USMC UC-12F Information

Passenger/Cargo Load: 7 passengers + 400 lbs cargo
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 13,500 lbs
Range: 900 NM with IFR fuel reserves
Speed: Cruises at 270 KIAS
Ceiling: 35,000 feet
Contract Maintenance: L3/Vertex
Corporation Power Plant: Two Pratt & Whitney T-6A-42 turboprop engines
Thrust: 850 shaft HP each engine
Length: 43 feet 10 inches
Height: 14 feet 6 inches
Wingspan: 54 feet 6 inches

Contact information

Phone numhber:
DSN: 253-5056
Commercial number from Japan: 0827-79-5056
Commercial number from U.S.: 011-81-827-79-5056