Important Points and Rules : NCIS

Important Points and Rules : NCIS

The 10 OPSEC and COMSEC Points

  1. Don’t discuss future destinations or ports of call!
  2. Don’t discuss future operations or missions!
  3. Don't discuss dates and times of when the Ship will be in port or conducting exercises!
  4. Don't discuss readiness issues and numbers!
  5. Don't discuss specific training equipment and/or capabilities!
  6. Don't discuss people's names and billets in conjunction with operations!
  7. Don't speculate about future operations!
  8. Don't spread rumors about operations!
  9. Don't assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you so he can kill you, he is!
  10. Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC and COMSEC when using electronic communications or phone!

Rules of thumb for loved ones and parents:

  • If your sailor indicates to you they can't tell you something, believe them. Don't try to coax them into telling.
  • If it is published by the navy about where a ship or unit has been (not going), that is when it's okay to share.
  • Be aware, the OPSEC 10 points are everyone’s responsibility so think about what you share as a parent or loved one of a military member that could cause harm or trouble.
  • If you see/hear others practicing poor OPSEC/COMSEC be respectful and advise them of the OPSEC/COMSEC points mentioned above. Let them know OPSEC is everyone’s responsibility and that their statements or postings are a violation of good OPSEC. There isn't a parent or family member that wants to cause harm or get a service member in trouble. They just aren't thinking or don't know.
  • Remember if something doesn’t seem right it isn’t, report all suspicious activity/postings.
  • Everyone holds a piece of the OPSEC puzzle, safe guard it at all times!

Contact Information

Telephone numbers
DSN : 253-5589
Commercial number from Japan : 0827-79-5589
Commercial number from U.S. : 011-81-827-79-5589

Mailing address
Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Iwakuni Resident Agency
PSC 561 BOX 1870
FPO AP 96310