Vehicle Section : Pass & Registration
Provost Marshal's Office, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan

Vehicle Section (Bldg. #608, Room# 101, 1F)

Hours of Operation

DSN: 253-3161/  Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 16:00

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The total number of registered privately owned motor vehicles per accompanied registrant will be limited to two passenger vehicles and two motorcycle(s), whether military, civilian or DoD contractor.

The total authorized vehicles for unaccompanied personnel are limited to one passenger vehicle and one motorcycle. Proof of licensing is required by both SOFA members in order for the sponsor to process two mortorcles.

Accompanied (Validated by Area of Clearance) - Two passenger vehicles and two motorcycle(s).
Unaccompanied - One passenger vehicle and one motorcycle.

  • Vehicle waiver request - (Sample Template)

  • 30-Day Temporary vehicle wavier (used for temp ownership pending eventual sale) - (Sample Template)

  • All USFJ personnel assigned to MCAS Iwakuni must register Privately owned vehicles (POV) and weapons with the Pass and Registration.

  • Personnel who PCS within Japan must register their POV and  conduct a Prefectural change.

  • Personnel are encouraged to register bicycles with the Pass and Registration Office.

  • When USFJ personnel register or take possession of a motor vehicle they must validate their living arrangements/quarters with the Pass and Registration Office. Personnel who reside outside of 2 kilometers from the installation must visit the local Japanese police department to validate their residence and acquire the appropriate documentation (parking permit, decal, parking certificate, etc.) prior to registration. The local police department will determine what documentation is needed.

  • All vehicles must be sold or junked prior to a PCS move. Power of Attorney may be utilized for the sale or deregistration of a vehicle.  Refer to POA's below for requirements.

  • When purchasing a vehicle from a Japanese dealer.

  • SOFA member will need the DoD ID card, valid SOFA license (Iwakuni issued) and a copy of the title and bring it to PMO Pass and Registration.

  • Upon completion of the title and plate change bring the new title, current JCI, current Road Tax, Recycling Fee Receipt. and valid secondary insurance.

  • Orders and Area Clearance must be provided when purchasing a second vehicle and spouses must have an original of Power of Attorney.

  • When purchasing a vehicle from another SOFA status person.

  • The new orner must have valid secondary insurance on the vehicle being purchased DoD ID card and a valid SOFA license (Iwakuni issued).

  • The current owner must provide a title, current JCI, current Road Tax, and Recycling Fee Receipt.

  • Orders and Area Clearance must be provided when purchasing a second vehicle and spouses must have an original Power of Attorney.

POA may be utilized for the sale or deregistration of a vehicle.  Unit Commanding Officers must grant authorization for a military member E-6 and below to issue a POA in the case of a permanent change of station (PCS). A copy of the letter and POA must be presented to the Pass and Registration Office prior to out-processing. POAs are not to be a convenience for members and should not be misused; personnel should make every attempt to sell their vehicles prior to departure.    

a. The POA must contain the following clause stating: "In the event of failure to sell or otherwise dispose of the vehicle covered by the POA within the 120 day period, PMO will begin the procedure to deregister and dispose of the-vehicle."   

b. PDI and JCI must be valid the entire time the POA is in effect.  PDI must be in the name of the authorized holder.

c. When a POA is authorized, the owner issuing the POA and the recipient must report to the Pass and Registration Office to complete an acceptance of responsibility record. It is the person who holds the POA who will be held liable for ensuring all maintenance is maintain and deregistration is conducted prior to the expiration of the POA.

d. The POA cannot be greater than the time left on the liability insurance or JCI, and will not exceed 120 days. In addition, the recipient of the POA must have greater time remaining on station than the duration of the POA.

e. The POA must be issued to an active duty service member or self-sponsored civilian in the MCAS Iwakuni community with a valid Operator's Permit.

f. The vehicle must be deregistered or sold no later than 7 business days prior to expiration of the POA. Federal and Japanese holidays must be taken into consideration.

All SOFA members must deregister their vehicles prior to a PCS, separation, or reassignment, or after revocation of driving privileges. All personnel are required to de-register their POVs through the Pass and Registration Office by utilizing either the MCCS Auto Skills Center or a Japanese car dealer.

  • The member must return the road tax decal to the Pass and Registration Office and provide proof that the vehicle was turned over to a deregistering agency in order to receive a deregistration package.

  • After the member receives the deregistration package from the Pass and Registration Office they must return it to the deregistering agency for processing.

  • Anyone other than the sponsor must have an original Power of Atorney

  • The member must return with confirmation of deregistration from the agency in order to complete the deregistration process with the Pass and Registration Office. Failure to complete deregistration may delay personnel from departing Japan.

  • In the case of a deceased SOFA member, the GOJ will allow use of a POA or an affidavit and death certificate to deregister the vehicles. If neither is available a letter should be addressed to the Yamaguchi Land Transportation Office from the Provost Marshal acknowledging the loss, and the person acting as executor of the member's property. If the spouse is not a military member and the spouse wishes to have a member exercise a POA, it should also be mentioned in the letter. The letter should be translated into Japanese and copies of the letter and required documents for vehicle deregistration must be presented at the time of deregistration or sale to the Pass and Registration Office. 

Personnel should consult with the Distribution Management Office (DMO) 2 to 3 months in advance for information on shipping vehicles. This includes motorcycles originally shipped in household goods and never registered in Japan.

  • If the vehicle is registered in Japan, members must report to the Pass and Registration Office with official orders, the title, JCI Receipt and the Automobile Road Tax Receipt, 3 weeks prior to scheduled shipment.

  • Vehicles must be deregistered with Japanese authorities prior to being shipped outside of Japan. The Pass and Registration Office will prepare a package for deregistration with Japanese authorities.

  • Members must return to the Pass and Registration Office with a copy of the cancelled title from the GOJ. They will in turn be provided two copies of deregistration forms, one for the member and one for DMO to process with the shipping package.

  • Vehicles are not to be driven once deregistered with the GOJ.

  • When selling a SOFA vehicle to a Japanese citizens the following applies.

  • The member must return the road tax decal to the Pass and Registration Office and the vehicle must not be in lien from an agency.

  • The member and Japanese citizen must be present at the Pass and Registration Office together.

  • Pass and Registration will provide a Bill of Sale for the Japanese citizen.

  • Pass and Registration will complete the required documentation for the Japanese citizen to change the vehicle over to Japanese plates within 15 days of the purchase.

  • Anyone other than the sponsor must have an original Power of Atgtorney.

  • The member must return with a copy of new Japanese title or deregistered title as proof to remove vehicle from on-base registration.

  • SOFA plated vehicle cannot be driven by Non-SOFA members until title transfer is completed.


  • If you have received a traffic citation, report to the Pass and Registration Office to either.

  • Provide your plea (guilty or not guilty).

  • Assess points and assignment to remedial driving course.

  • Assign date to appear in traffic court.

  • Right to Appeal processing (10 working days) – Sample Form (Word / PDF).

  • Restricted Driving – Sample Form (Word / PDF). 

  • Suspensions and Revocation processing.

  • Request for re-instatement of driving privileges processing – See Sample Form (Word / PDF).

Members cited via the TVR system shall be notified by the traffic court section of their assigned time, date, and location of court appearance.

The TVR complainant shall also be required to attend on the same traffic court date in order to bear witness to the alleged violation. 

Should the TVR complainant fail to appear, the reported violation may be dismissed.