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PCS information for sponsors during COVID-19 circumstances


Please refer to the following checklist for items you will need to complete before, during, and after the person or family you are sponsoring PCS’s to Iwakuni:


If you are a newly appointed sponsor of a service member, civilian, and/or family, congratulations! You are the center of gravity for ensuring the PCS process is as smooth as possible for the person or family you are sponsoring.

Sponsorship Training

Upon being notified you have been selected as a sponsor, the first step is to attend sponsorship training. To sign up for sponsorship training please call DSN 253-3542 or from a cell phone at 0827-79-3542.

Sponsor responsibilities

Sponsors are responsible for helping their person or family PCS by ensuring each item on the sponsor checklist above is completed. Sponsors are expected to reach out to the person or family they are sponsoring upon completion of sponsorship training.

Throughout the checklist and PCS process, you and those you are sponsoring may find it convenient for you to have a Special Power of Attorney (SPOA) so that you can handle many checklist items on their behalf. Coordinate with your person or family to find the best path forward for yours and their situation.

Sponsors are not responsible financially and should work out electronic payment options to be reimbursed by you (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, NavyFed, etc.). Your sponsor should keep all receipts and log all expenses paid.

Why Sponsorship is important

PCS’ing is difficult and can be stressful under normal conditions. PCS’ing during the COVID-19 pandemic is even more difficult and burdensome on those PCS’ing. By being a good host and helping those PCS’ing with completing all of the added requirements, you have the ability to make their life easier and make a positive impact on our Iwakuni community.