Freight Operations
Freight Operations Information at DMO, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

Freight Operations

The Distribution Management Office (DMO) provides Freight services for the tenant commands, and other Department of Defense Activities aboard MCAS Iwakuni. We also support any deployed units aboard MCAS Iwakuni or any other units deployed in the Western Pacific Area.

Shipping Section
The Shipping section is responsible for processing all outbound cargo that is received from Packing, Processing & Preservation (PP&P), Bldg. 1287. All units must properly prepare a DD Form 1348/ DD Form 1149 and deliver cargo to PP&P for proper packing, packaging, preservation, marking and unitization. All units must provide proper and approved Transportation Account Code (TAC) code for all outgoing materials. Once this process is complete, cargo is forwarded to Freight DMO for final processing and movement via DLA trucks or by Commercial means for final destination. Other forms might be required if moving HAZMAT or classified cargo.

Receiving Section
Freight Receiving processes all inbound cargo using the Automated Manifest System (AMS), and ensures all inbound cargo is dispatched to the proper units onboard MCAS Iwakuni within 24 hours from the time it was received.

Tracking and Tracing
Our Admin section can provide shipping status on all inbound and outbound cargo as well as cost estimates to potential customers. For up-to-date status on cargo or cost estimates please call 253-4379. The following information is required on all tracing and tracer requests: Transportation Control Number (TCN), or Document number, date shipped, origin of shipment, nomenclature and required delivery date (RDD).

Shipping Cost Estimates
For cost estimates please include the following: Length x Width x Height, Weight, pick up location and destination.

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How to call to MCAS Iwakuni

DSN    253 - ****
Commercial number from Japan  0827-79- ****
Commercial number from U.S.  011-81-827-79- ****
Cell phone number    080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from Japan 080 - **** - ****
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-80- **** - ****
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Commercial number from Japan 090 - **** - **** 
Commercial number from U.S. 011-81-90- **** - ****