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Passenger Travel
Passenger Travel Information at DMO, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

Upon receiving PCS orders, uniformed members/DOD civilians and their command sponsored dependents are authorized government travel to their next duty station, Home of Record (HOR) if separating, or Home of Selection (HOS) if retiring from the military.

  • Your Unit’s S-1 will review your OBI and submit your request to the installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) outbound.
    For Accompanied Members, provide the following documents to have uploaded to your OBI:

    • 1st page of all your Dependent’s Passport

    • DD Form 884/ Application for Transportation for Dependents

    • If traveling with pets, provide your AMC Pet Travel Request Form

  • Once you complete the interview with IPAC outbound, they will send DMO a Port-Call Request (PCR) with you and your family’s information along with a flight window that includes two (2) Air Mobility Command (AMC) flight dates.

  • DMO will then respond to IPAC’s PCR with a Port-Call Confirmation (flight itinerary).

  • Transportation is issued after the receiving endorsement Orders.

  • Per the Defense Travel Regulation (DTR) Part I Chapter 103 A2a, all DOD personnel are mandated to use the Patriot Express.

  • If AMC is not available, the member will be booked utilizing commercial carriers.

Pet Travel on AMC:

Members who are serving an accompanied tour are authorized pet transportation as set forth in the Air Mobility Command Instruction (AMCI) 24-101, Volume 14. Transportation is restricted to two (2) pets per family (limited to cats and dogs only).

Orders are NOT required to submit for pet spaces on the AMC. Pet reservations will be apportioned on a first come/ first serve basis, pet transportation needs to be identified to your DMO office as soon as you have a general idea of the required departure month. DMO are able to book your pet spot 90 days prior to the departure month. If you are a Marine aboard MCAS Iwakuni and have a pet;

  • Step One: Head over to the AMC terminal and get your pet and cage weighed. The AMC terminal clerks will provide you with a stamp documentation with your pet information. AMC Pet Travel Request Form

  • Step Two: Email your DMO office at; with your AMC pet documentation with an estimated date/travel window that you will be departing.

Members who desire to ship pets from Iwakuni must have the request annotated in his/her Port Call Request.

***DMO will make every effort to get reservations on AMC aircraft but owners must understand that they are responsible for all cost associated with the transportation of our pets to include paying for all commercial shipping cost if AMC is not available***.

For pets in the “belly” of the Aircraft all cages must be HARD Cages. Soft cages are authorized for “in cabin” travel only. Size must be no more than 18”L x 11”W x 10.5”H. Pet must be able to stand up, turn around & lay down naturally in kennel. If temperature reaches or exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any point during the travel, your pet will not be recommended to travel that day.

Prior to Check-in and Flight Departure:

The member are responsible for obtaining all required documentation for their pet;

  • Microchip

  • Immunizations

  • Border Clearance

  • Kennel Labels

  • DD Form 2208 Rabies Vaccination Certificate (can be more than 30 days, but less than a year) 

  • DD Form 2209 Veterinary Health Certificate (no more than 10 days old)

  • Bi-Lingual Certificates

  • Proof of Ownership

The Pet Fees and weight (which include the kennel) are;

  • Under 70 LBS: $125.00

  • 71-139 LBS: $250.00

  • 140-150(max) $375.00

Contact the Air Terminal at 253-5509 for more information.

Pet Travel on Commercial Carrier:

When Members receives a commercial ticket, the pet will be confirmed by DMO office and the Member will have to contact their Commercial Carrier the day of departure to pay for their pet transportation. Commercial Carriers normally implement a pet embargo from 15-May to 15-Sep each year. When the temperatures average higher than 85F it is unsafe for pets to travel. Airlines polices vary so consult with DMO for the latest information.

TAD/Civilian Portcall on the AMC: (PTO Worksheet)
All Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) orders are received from various units electronically via Defense Travel System (DTS) reservation and through Commercial Travel Office (CTO).

Upon receipt of orders an audit is performed of data submitted, ensuring orders are prepared correctly. This includes correct line of accounting, departure cities, and destinations visiting if authorized on DTS orders, Standard Document Number (SDN), destination, departure point, and carrier selection. Unit’s reservations in DTS system will route through CTO for verification of government authorized carrier and GSA city pairs. DMO will then reviews and submit or return for correction. Verification of airfares and carrier selection is mandatory and final review is the Approving Official (AO).

As soon as you know when you are going TAD, ensure that you submit your DTS at least (10) business days prior to departure. Ensure your DTS authorization is approved by your AO (Level 25) or TECOM travel (Level 30) 3 business days prior to your departure. Failure to get approval within the 3 business days will result in the Air Carrier cancelling your flight reservation.

The Unit’s Commander is the only person that can grant Emergency Leave. DMO does not determine whether or not a member is entitled to emergency leave. All emergency leave granted by the Commander is Unit Funded. The member/dependent(s) is authorized the cost of a round trip ticket to the CONUS international airport nearest to the location from which the member/dependent(s) departed to which a scheduled direct flight is available along a normally traveled international route. For members stationed on MCAS Iwakuni, it will be Seattle, WA.

The following exceptions apply: 

  • Unit Deployment Program (UDP) members traveling from Iwakuni on emergency leave are entitled to travel back to their permanent duty station. 

  • Member traveling on emergency leave in conjunction with PCS are entitled to travel not to exceed the cost to their next duty station. 

  • Member traveling to an emergency leave site outside CONUS are entitled to round trip transportation to that location.

Bus Request Form
DMO has the ability to arrange Bus Services for Official Travel to various points throughout mainland Japan if Motor Transportation are not able to provide those services. It is essential for DMO to receive bus service request with the number of passengers, date, and time, along with the boarding and off-boarding points via e-mail. Units must also provide the cost appropriation data with the request. DMO will then provide the confirmation to the unit once services have been arranged. Ensure that you provide DMO the request at least (10) business days before estimated departure.

Distribution Management Office (DMO)

DSN 315-253-4076

Passenger Travel

DSN: 315-253-7437


After hour's contact number for Passenger Travel / Emergency Leave is: 080-5865-3564


DSN: 315-253-3243


Freight Services

Shipping Section: DSN 315-253-3370

Receiving Section: DSN 315-253-3132

PPP & M Section: DSN 315-253-3345