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Government Housing

For many families, living in government housing provides easy access to community services and amenities such as schools, youth programs, Commissary/Exchange, and food services. This is especially true in overseas locations where you will find yourself dependent on the support facilities and services on the installation much more than in the U.S. Living in government housing provides a safe and secure place to reside and provides a mentoring and supportive environment for families. 

All accompanied members are required to report to the Military Housing Office NLT 48 hours (2 Business Days) after arrival. 

Government housing is provided to military members who meet the following criteria:
- Military members accompanied with authorized dependents
- Military-Married-to-Military couples assigned to same or adjacent base and residing jointly
- Key and Essential Personnel
- Eligible Civilians (space available)


All accompanied active duty personnel will be assigned to government owned family housing until such time as the occupancy rate exceeds 90%.  Compliance with these procedures is mandatory in order to maximize use of existing and available housing inventory while meeting specific Marine Corps goals and requirements. Additionally, Family Housing does not assign housing by address unless on the Key & Essential List.  For more details, please see MANDATORY ASSIGNMENT TO US GOVERNMENT OWNED FAMILY Housing.

Contact the MCASI Military Family Housing (MFH) office if you have questions about the housing eligibility at DSN (315) 253-5541 or commercial number from U.S. 011-81-827-79-5541 and/or send an e-mail to

Types of Government Housing

Main Base housing consists of tower units, town homes, three (3) floor row houses, and single unit housing for all ranks. Atago Hill housing consists of single unit homes and duplex town homes for senior enlisted, company grade and field grade officers.  Family Housing does not assign housing by address unless on the Key & Essential List. For minimum bedroom requirements, see Quarters Size and Minimum Bedroom Requirements.

Accompanied personnel with a permanent change of station (PCS) to MCASI are authorized a certain weight limit.  Please ask your local HR for authorized JTR weight allowance.  Because government quarters can be small, accompanied personnel are encouraged to NOT ship their full JTR weight allowance; instead we recommend that you use your non-temporary storage (NTS) entitlement at the departing location. If you ship your full JTR weight allowance, be aware that MCASI Housing does not have storage facilities to accommodate excess household items, and local rental storage is very limited. Further, you are not entitled to ship items back to the continental U.S. (CONUS) for NTS.  FH will provide washer, dryer, stove, and refrigerator and offer loaner furniture kits for up to 60 days or until HHGs arrives. DO NOT SHIP washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves.

Pet Policy in Government Family Housing

Aggressive or potentially aggressive dog breeds are not allowed on the installation. For complete information, see the III MEF MCIPACO 10570.1 Domestic Animal and Control.

MCASI Specific Pet Restriction

  • All non-tower units: Authorized up to two dogs and/or cats--no more than two, total

  • Designated Towers, first two floors: Authorized up to two dogs and/or cats--no more than two, total.

Contact a MFH office counselor in advance to check the availability of a pet friendly tower unit before shipping dogs and/or cats. We cannot guarantee that a pet friendly unit will be available when you arrive. If you elect to bring your pet and wait for pet friendly unit, your TLA entitlement may be terminated.

Applying for Government Housing

Submit an advance application for assignment (DD Form 1746) through the MFH office at your losing installation and include a complete copy of your PCS orders. The effective date of the application is the date you depart your prior installation (including members with TDY enroute) or the date ordered to active duty. Send your application and orders to  Please see PROCESS FOR ON BASE ASSIGNMENT TO HOUSING.

Applications may also be submitted upon arrival during your first visit to the MFH. The MFH staff will assist you in completing the application and will review PCS orders and housing options with you. For walk-in applications, as long as you apply for government housing within 30 days of arrival, you will be placed on the waiting list effective the date you departed your previous installation. If you process your application after 30 days, the application date will be the date of the walk-in. Make sure your application identifies and includes supporting documentation for an impending promotion or gain of dependents so we can place you on the appropriate waiting list.

Applying for Off-Base Housing


Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

TTLA will be paid in accordance with the Joint Federal Regulation (JTR) and III MEF/MCIPAC-MCBBO 7220.lA. Members receiving TLA may reject the first available adequate housing offered.  However TLA authorizations will stop on the date which adequate/available housing would have been assigned. Please see TLA information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Military Family Housing Office at DSN (315) 253-5541 OR commercial number 011-81-827-5541. You may also send inquiries to

Personal Property Insurance

We highly encourage you to obtain legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions and should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Community Amenities

MCCS Iwakuni provides following services;

  • MCX Marine Corps Exchange

  • Auto Hobby Center

  • Child Care & Youth Programs

  • Enlisted and Officers Club

  • Fitness Centers & Annex IronWorks

  • Library

  • Indoor/Outdoor Pools Aquatics

  • Outdoor Recreation / Equipment Rental

  • Kennel and Pet Services

  • Strike Zone Bowling Center


Contact Information

Bldg. 200
Hours of Operation
M-T-TH-F: 0800-1200;1300-1630
Wed: 0800-1200
Trouble Desk
253-3131  (For Maintenance Issues)
Atago Self-Help
Monday and Friday: 1000-1200/1245-1530